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.Sailor Moon;New Moon. [Oct. 16th, 2007|01:19 pm]
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Sailor Moon;New Moon
Three worlds are in great need of your help!

Thousands and thousands of years ago, a civil war broke out into a small and forgotten planet called Eris. The Guardian of the Gates of Dimensions was called back to her planet to help aid in the civil war. It was then, that the war in the Silver Millennium began. Sailor Eris had been called back to her planet and thus evil was able to creep in through the Gates of Dimensions, causing war and havoc in a peaceful kingdom. Under Queen Serenity’s rule, all the souls of her court were saved and sent to the planet Earth. There, the saved souls were reborn as humans, only to discover their destiny to help save the Universe. These humans are known as Sailor Senshi. All the Senshi inherit their powers from the planet/asteroid and the elements they represent.

However, during Queen Serenity’s fight against evil, she had forgotten about one little planet that had been almost completely destroyed, during the civil war years and years ago. The planet Eris. The people of Eris and along with Sailor Eris had been forgotten. Their souls were not saved and sent to Earth like the rest of the other Senshi. The Erisians were almost completely wiped out due to the Silver Millennium War, and so Sailor Eris used the remainder of her power to transport her people to the Gates of Dimensions, where time never moved a millisecond. The survivors of Eris were then put to sleep, except for the King and Queen, the commanders, and Sailor Eris. They remained as they were, waiting and waiting for someone to come save them. But that time never came. Growing impatient and angry at the ones who had forgotten them, Sailor Eris’ powers began growing and she began feeding off the others’ growing anger. Darkness engulfed the light inside Sailor Eris’ soul, allowing her powers to grow even more.

Now it is the time of the Crystal Millennium; four generations after Queen Serenity. Three worlds are in great danger of becoming what Eris once was. A barren wasteland. The world of Earth, Moon, and Sun are in grave danger and they need your help. Chibi-usa’s three daughters are ruling the three separate worlds. This is the first time, in ten years, that all three worlds must come together to fight the growing Evil. It is up to the Senshi to save the Universe. Are you up to the challenge?

Sailor Moon;New Moon

Click Link Above for more information

This RPG takes place on a forum.
Players must be 16+ to join. If there are any further questions, please contact the Admin on the forum.
You can also reach her on AIM at overrated junkie


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