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Anime Website Exchange Square

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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to Anime Website Exchange Square
The first anime website exchange community on LiveJournal

This is an interactive centre for anime website administrators. Our main functions of this community are to exchange:
1. advice for site traffic increase
2. advice on layout improvements
3. tips on website administration
4. website links/banners

In addition to website exchanges, discussions on general anime, manga, banner/icon/website designs, forum running, photoshop tips and anything else that is relavent to anime and websites are also encouraged.

You do not necessarily have to have a personal website to join. Even if you're a graphics designer or a forum moderator and you're interested in joining, you're very welcome to. =)

However, because this is a community, there are rules to abide by to ensure that the place is enjoyable for everybody, there are some rules that are to be followed by everybody who joins the community. Failure to abide by the rules will result in having their account banned from the community.

Community Rules
Respect everybody
It's fine if you disagree with an idea. But do not attack the person who states the idea. Attack the opinion opinion only.
No spamming
Spam in this community is defined as: entries that are considered to be pointless and totally out of topic.
No flaming
If somebody insults you, don't flame back, you'll only make matters work. Instead, take a step back and report to the moderator.
Keep the place PG-13
Another one of this community's aims is to allow as many people to join as possible. This means no hentai (sex based anime) site posting allowed.
No hit-generating site advertising
Sites such as Outwar and KingofChaos that are advertised in this community means instant ban. (This rule overrides the 3 offense policy. See below for more information.)
Use an lj-cut tag where appropriate
If you've got large images to show us, use an lj-cut. There are still people who are using dial up. If you don't know how to make one, click here for more information.

Take note of the following on the case of rule breaking, there is the 3 offense policy:
First offense: Serious warning (except in the case of hit generating website promotion)
Second offense: Temporary ban of 1 week
Third offense: Permanent ban from community

And finally, have fun! Should you have any questions, IM me at AmantisBF on AIM.